Jim van der Zee


Jim van der Zee, born in the Netherlands, is a passionate artist and songwriter. He is active in genres such as pop, folk, jazz, soul and blues. Jim is known for his low warm voice, intimate personal songs and stunning performances.

Inspired by his father who played songs at his bedside, Jim started practising guitar at the age of 6. After finishing high school he joined the conservatory in Amsterdam to become a vocalist and improve his guitar skills. In the summer months Jim spent his time travelling through Europe and America. It was on these trips that he developed his down-to-earth character and a talent to perform for any audience. Jim learned to build crowds of up to 350 people in any square in any city. Using his old camper as a portable home, Jim managed to live from the gifts thrown into his guitar case.

After years of experience and performing in bars, surfcamps and on the streets in almost any country of Europe, Jim decided to share his music with a larger audience. In 2017/2018 he Joined the talent program “The Voice of Holland”. With his heart-warming songs and striking performances Jim showed the crowd something they had not seen before…

Since becoming the winner of the show Jim has been the centre of attention. Jim and his band started to tour around the festivals in his home country and played at venues such as Concert@Sea, The Amsterdam gay pride, The Amsterdam Prinsengrachtconcert and for the Dutch royal family at Kings day.

On top of that, Jim released his first album “Where I Come From” an album filled with songs from the legends that inspired him. Songs he used to play on the street.

This summer Jim has been working on a new album. An album filled with his own songs. To record this album Jim built a professional recording studio in his home in Amsterdam. This studio gives him the independence and freedom needed to compose the songs for his next record. “Starting The Engine” is out now! A new start, the adventure continues…

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